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Le Blog “Toñch In Australia”  (18 Juin 2006 → 22 Aout 2012) a été archivé. C’est à dire qu’il ne sera plus mis à jour, et les commentaires sont fermés.
Le blog couvre mes 4 années passes en Australie, et les deux premières années passées au Royaume-Uni durant mon Doctorat.
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The blog “Toñch In Australia” (written in French), spanning from the 18th of June 2006 to the 22nd of August 2012 has been archived. It will no longer be updated, and comments are closed.
The blog covers the 4 years I spent in Australia, and the first year, when I lived in the United Kingdom during my PhD degree.
You can still browse the archived blog “Toñch In Australia” 2006-2012 open-in-new-windowin its original version. If french is not your forté, you can let Google Translation have a go at translating it into English open-in-new-window … or just watch the pictures and make up the stories by yourself 😉

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