Some of my Favourite Videos

I’ve put my three favorite edits on this page. If you can’t get enough, go to the “More” section, or visit my Vimeo pageopen-in-new-window.

A Trip To Dartmoor

Video shot during our 3-day almost-autonomous hike across the Dartmoor National Park, carrying tent, food and water supplies.
It was an amazing experience: after taking the bus from London for a mere few hours, we were soon surrounded by wilderness, amazed by the sheer emptiness of this area: no trees, nobody, barely any tracks, just a lot of tall wild grass and a few semi-wild animals free to roam the area… and the quietness, only disturbed by the sounds of nature and the blowing wind.


This video was shot on one of these freezing cold, but dry and sunny winter day.
Instead of featuring really big or technical air tricks, I wanted to capture the beauty of the sport, the pleasure of gliding on a flat lake in the sun, the exhilaration of taking off … all of this despite the near freezing air and water temperatures.


This video was shot during an awesome session with my mate Tim in a cable in the centre of London, near Canary Wharf. I wanted to oppose a heady, and slow-paced soundrack and slow-motion shots against some pretty big and technical tricks. I was also keen to experiment with my image-interpolating ultra-slow-motion plugin.

More (External Links)

  • Too Many POVs open-in-new-window (Wakeboard) 1:44 See it from a wakeboarder’s perspective ! This video is dedicated to Danielle which injuried herself on this infamous yellow slider
  • Student Nationals open-in-new-window(Wakeboard) 4:33 WakeImperial riders (Antoine, Danielle and Tim) at the UK student national Championships. Some serious performance and fun !
  • Inside-Out open-in-new-window(Wakeboard) 5:05 Please skip the first minute of intro ! This video was made to show wakeboard tricks “inside-out”, i.e. from the wakeboarder’s perspective, and also viewed from outside. Add some pretty awesome crashes and bloopers, and it makes one funny video !